Wellness Triangle

Wellness Triangle

YOUR Wellness Triangle is comprised of 3 things that determine what your QUALITY OF LIFE will be like today and every day for the rest of your life.

You have "0" control over 1 of these parts, roughly "50%" control over one of these parts, and "100%" control of one of these parts……..read below to learn more.

1. Your Genetic Makeup:

2. Your Physique

This includes all the trauma or injuries in your life as well as your daily posture.

Trauma/Injuries in life happen to people for 2 reasons:

  1. Destiny – a prime example of this is my fraternity brother that died recently from getting struck by lightning. He was practicing softball with a group of men and a storm formed practically instantly. They all ran for cover towards the dugout, and he was the only one, of several men, to get struck by lightning. This was obviously his destiny.
  2. Human Error – An example of this is a family driving home that gets struck by a drunk driver. The drunk driver obviously made a colossal mistake by getting behind the wheel, and the family was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Posture and ADL's (Activities of Daily Living) can have a tremendous influence on your quality of life: sleep positions, computer positions, driving in a bouncing truck 400 miles per day, jumping out of airplanes, lack of exercise, carrying around a heavy purse or book sack, ETC.

3. Your Nutrition

Which of the 3 parts of the triangle is MOST IMPORTANT:

Why is Nutrition SO Important?

Years of inadequate nutrition can cause irreversible damage.

Figure 1: The Cost of a Long Life

Cost of a Long Life


My theory on WHY America's health is declining:

If you combine this TERRIBLE DIET for all these years AND all these other things:

Why am I telling you this?

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