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"What I like about Dr. Cormier is his willingness to always use cutting edge technology. He is also always striving to improve his practice. He has helped me tremendously. I was barely able to walk and after only one adjustment I was almost healed."
- Phillip Reed

"Dr. Cormier combines knowledge with a desire to help each patient achieve the best quality of life possible. After living with back pain for over 50 years, he helps me stay strong and pain free. I take Superfruits GT and love the little pick up it gives me each morning. I also love his staff. They are always kind and helpful."
- Melva Gray

"The thing I like most about Dr. Cormier's treatment is the tools he uses for alignment! There are no surprise movements and hardly any discomfort. Dr. Cormier is able to locate troubled areas immediately and treat with very minimal appointments as compared to 20 – 30 appointments with other chiropractors used in the past. He has helped me tremendously! I no longer have pain in my neck or arms and am able to sleep at night. Dr. Cormier and his staff are awesome! I know that if and when I get any discomfort, I can call Dr. Cormier's office and be seen soon and treated successfully!"
- Janet Ledet

"Dr. Cormier takes the time to talk to me about my pain, what causes it and how he can help me overcome the pain that I might be doing something wrong that causes this pain to be chronic. The methods he uses are very good and simple, which helps me get over whatever pain I might have. He has helped me very, very much. Thank you very much, Dr. Cormier."
- Pat Andrus

"My level of energy and endurance during exercise and afterwards has increased remarkably since undergoing nerve rehabilitation with Dr. Cormier. He has enabled me to maintain a quality of life that I didn't think I could have as I grew older. Thank you, Dr. Cormier!!"
- Phyllis LeBlanc

"Dr. Cormier is very aggressive and passionate about his work. He builds a truly honest and trusting relationship with his patients. His support people are awesome and they get the job done quickly. After two bouts with Parsonage Turner Syndrome, he has improved my upper body strength by 80%. I am 59 years old and continue to lead a very active life."
- Al Broussard

"Dr. Cormier uses a natural method of therapy that is absolutely amazing. Before allowing Dr. Cormier to treat me I was averaging 6 – 9 over-the-counter pain medications per day. The medications would ease the pain, but never stop the pain. After a short time of therapy with Dr. Cormier I am no longer taking any pain medication and 90% of the time, I have no pain. My quality of life has improved 110%! I can't thank Dr. Cormier enough for treating me. I will be a patient for life."
- Lisa Leon

"I have probably seen over 30 doctors over the past 10 years. Dr. Cormier is without a doubt, the most caring and compassionate by far! He really cares about YOU and talks in ways a common person can understand! I recommend all my family and friends to him and will never consider any other Chiropractor."
- Allan Krieg

"Dr. Cormier listens to patients and using his knowledge, ability to research online, articles in magazines, and talks, picks the best approach for an individual patient. Dr. Chris helped me with a back problem using special techniques because of a abdominal aneurysm."
- Ralph Domingue

"When I was diagnosed with a pinched nerve in my lower back, I tried everything, including multiple cortisone injections. Luckily, a friend told me about Dr. Cormier and his new techniques of easing back pain. By the end of the second week of treatment, I felt like a new person. I stand erect and walk with no pain; and do things I hadn't been able to do in over a year! I feel he really cares about my overall general health and quality of life. Also, I've cleansed my body of all synthetic vitamins and impurities and whole-heartedly subscribe to his specially designed Superfruits GT drink. For a 60 year old woman, I feel 30 thanks to Dr. Cormier!"
- Madge Katsoulis

"Dr. Cormier gets very involved when he is seeing you. I like that he always has a lot of new ideas/techniques to help you. He is very informative and which makes you feel that he really does care about you as a patient. He has helped me out a lot. With the type of work I do I have problems here and there and he always knows what to do to get rid of the problem areas."
- Richlyn Langley

"Dr. Cormier is very serious about his profession. He works on the areas that are hurting and he knows what he is doing. Dr. Cormier took me on short notice and he knew what to do to get me back to work. In just 3 treatments I was able to go back to work with no pain. Before, I was hurting so much that I couldn't hold up my arm. I would recommend him to anybody."
- Glenn Romero

"Dr. Cormier is more than willing to help you with your problems. He is very thorough and understanding. The staff there is awesome. You feel comfortable being there. I am doing much better and feel good. I highly recommend Dr. Cormier and his workers to anyone with pain."
- Fay Lebouef

"I have used traditional medicine in the past and although it helped, it took 6 – 9 months with painful physical therapy. With Dr. Cormier and his staff (and great equipment) I have gotten marked relief within 2 months. Although I still have room for improvement, 2 months to feel relief is great compared to 6 – 9 months!"
- Michelle Leger

"Dr. Cormier actually listens to his patients and is very clear with his explanations of what is going on. He cares like you're family. His treatment has helped me so much. I had not realized how much pain I was putting up with until it was gone. I recommend Dr. Cormier to all my family and friends."
- Betty Hebert

"I like Dr. Cormier's positive thinking and honesty. He is also always looking for a better way of helping his patients. He has helped me to live a better lifestyle at my age."
- J.B. Vondenstein

"What I like most about Dr. Cormier is his attention to my personal care and his ability to expand on his expertise through research, study and continuing education. After 15 years of chronic pain and having visited with a multitude of physicians, therapists and many consultations, I now know what to do when I have a problem or are in need of maintenance…call Dr. Chris!!!"
- Ken Cedotal

"Dr. Cormier is so exciting and progressive in his treatments. He loves what he does and it shows. When I am with him for an appointment, I know I must be his only patient for the day! Dr. Cormier rocks! In short, he gave me back my life."
- Ann Henry

"I like his treatment methodology – natural, clean supplements – NO DRUGS – yeah! He has helped me tremendously. I have zero pain at this moment in time. "
- Patty Leger

"Dr. Chris Cormier has really helped me out so much. He is very kind and compassionate about his work. He is also very persistent and will get to the bottom of the problem so his patient can get back to a normal life. When I met Dr. Cormier I told him about my situation. He did all he could do to help me. There was one thing he told me over and over again when I met with him that really helped me solve my problem and that was to stay away from aspartame. For months I didn't listen to him and when I finally got off of everything that had aspartame, my whole body felt so much better. Thank you, Dr. Cormier. Once I got off of aspartame, my body didn't hurt and I didn't have to see Dr. Cormier as much."
- Peggy Vallot

"Dr. Cormier truly cares about his patients' feelings. He is on top of his ‘game' with modern technology. He treats you with respect. He explains to you in detail in words you can understand. He refuses to put you through pain! Dr. Cormier is extremely professional and by far the best doctor I have been treated by all my life!"
- Allan Krieg

"David and I were impressed with Dr. Cormier's enthusiasm for his profession and his sincerity in helping us resolve health issues and working with us to achieve better quality of health. Our results have been very positive."
- Roberta and David Degeyter

"Dr. Cormier is a real people person. He is one of the most sincere doctors that I have met. He knows how to listen and has a knack for getting to the real root cause of your medical issues. In December of 2008, I started experiencing excruciating pain in the left side of my face and cranium which was later linked to shingles under the skin of my face. This affected the trigeminal nerves and caused great pain. He treated me using Quantum Neurology, a new method of pain treatment. I had numerous sessions with him at his office which helped manage the pain to a tolerable level. He also treated me at his home on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. For this man to allow me in his home, especially during these times, I can't express my appreciation enough to Dr. Cormier for helping me through that ordeal."
- Joe Powell

"He is compassionate and truly wants to help you – not just put a band-aid on it. He is constantly researching and creating natural things that help you! I truly feel that he has allowed God to use him to help people. I believe it was 2002 when I started seeing Dr. Cormier. He was referred to me by my brother whom he has helped beyond measure. My whole family sees him and the ones that live out of state use his products. I was constantly in pain and by using his DRX machine, his Chiropractor's Choice liquid supplement, and now this wonderful technology (Quantum Neurology), my life has changed tremendously. I was diagnosed with MS in 2003. I couldn't get out of bed for weeks at a time. I now see Dr. Cormier 1 to 2 times a week and I do the exercises he has me do – very simple. I go in to see him and I can barely walk – no energy. But when I leave I feel like I can climb a mountain. I can now get out and grocery shop, visit my friends and family, go back to church, clean my house….I could go on and on. I can give you years of experiences when doctors write you off and just want to give you drugs to exist. Dr. Cormier literally recharges my body (nerve system). I can't explain it – I just know it works. If you follow just a few of the things he suggests, you will see and feel a change in your mind and body. My family loves and respects Dr. Cormier. It's a humbling thing when you see someone you love hurt daily and there is nothing you can do about it. I said earlier I believe God is using Dr. Cormier to truly help people. Words could never express how grateful I am to him. Thank you so much, Dr. Cormier, for giving me a life back."
- Marlene Quebedeaux

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